World Literature and Dissent

School of English Research Colloquium, 17–18 June 2016

Drawing from A Thousand Plateaus,
Introduction: Paragraph 24, courtesy Marc Ngui

World Literature and Dissent

World Literature and Dissent will reconsider the role that dissent plays in the contemporary aesthetics of globalisation. Moving beyond merely descriptive taxonomies or positivist literary historicisms, we mobilise critical theory to revitalise the language of critique in a field under threat of subsumption by the rhetorics and value systems of economisation. Rather than asking if there is room for dissent and resistance within the monetised spheres of global publishing, translation, and literary prestige, we ask how dissent might be expressed and how, as literary scholars, we might develop a criticism that supports resistance to the bureaucratic and economic apparatuses of contemporary states, furthers social justice, and values human expression beyond the strictures of marketability.

Invited Speakers

Anna Bernard King’s College London | Timothy Brennan University of Minnesota | Sharae Deckard University College Dublin | David Farrier University of Edinburgh | Djelal Kadir Pennsylvania State University | Oisín Keohane University of Dundee | Wendy Knepper Brunel University London | Nick Lawrence University of Warwick | Dominic Smith University of Dundee | Mads Rosendahl Thomsen Aarhus University | Galin Tihanov Queen Mary University of London | Robert Young New York University